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By Amanda Clark, June 2013

Dear friend,

If you’re suffering from ovarian cysts –(like I did for 9 years)– then this may be the most important letter you will ever read.

I will tell you up front, I am not a doctor.

But what you’re about to read will be MORE valuable than any medical advice you’ll EVER get. That’s a promise.

Believe me when I say… I feel for you.

I already know what you’re going through, because I experienced it myself…

  • Pain in your lower abs?
  • A dull aching or bloating feeling that comes and goes?
  • Irregular periods or spotting?
  • Painful sex?
  • Discomfort when going to the bathroom?

And let me guess – you’re scared that it will NEVER go away.

How do I know this?

Because that’s exactly how I felt for 9 long years – until I discovered a simple, 3-step, 100% natural cure for ovarian cysts that not only stopped the symptoms, but eliminated the cysts altogether… (as well as my anxiety!!)


As a fellow sufferer of OVARIAN CYSTS, I urge you to keep reading…

Whether you’re experiencing it for the first time – or have already tried every OC solution out there – I guarantee these 3 simple steps can heal your ovarian cysts too – PERMANENTLY.

Remember, I’ve been there. I know what you’re going through!

I know how painful and uncomfortable ovarian cysts can be.

I know the frustration of taking pain relievers and getting little or no relief!

I know what it’s like to feel helpless after multiple trips to the doctor.

I know the humiliation of getting an unexpected period!

I know how awful the aching can be in your abdomen.

I know the fear of getting cancer or being unable to have kids!

But most of all:

I know what it's like to be utterly desperate for a solution!

Thankfully, I finally found the ONE & ONLY solution that totally cured my ovarian cysts. In fact, it’s been gone for 2 years now – and you know what? It has changed my life!

I’m writing today to share this shocking discovery with you – because every woman who is suffering from ovarian cysts should have this info!

But I must warn you:

Once you discover this 3-step natural solution, it just might make you furious, especially if you've already spent money on drugs or wasted your time on embarrassing doctor’s visits.

Because here’s the kicker…

This cure had absolutely nothing to do with what my doctors had been advising me!

Still, this single discovery is the ONLY reason that I finally have my life back. It’s why I no longer live in a constant state of discomfort, pain and anxiety.

And it was so simple that I wanted to slap myself for not finding it earlier. It would have saved me YEARS of frustration, heartache and money!

"10 Months and STILL no pain!”

"Amanda, I love you!!! Your eBook has saved my life in so many ways, I can’t even explain!

I admit I was very skeptical when I first came across your website, but I figured at this point I had nothing to lose.

After using each of your steps, I can only say that I am shocked how fast it worked! It's been 10 months and there is STILL no pain, and my cycles are back to normal too! Thank you so much!"

Karla M.
Albuquerque, NM

In just a second, I'm going to tell you exactly what this discovery was, but first I’d like to share my very personal story with you…

Can YOU relate to this?

I still remember those horrible times like they were yesterday…

Getting a deep, gnawing pain in my abdomen… which came and went, day after day.

Sometimes it would last a few minutes. Other times it would go on for hours!

I woke up bloated in the morning. And I hated the way I looked and felt. I forced myself out of bed in the morning, only to go to work and sit uncomfortably for hours.

Sometimes, the pain was so excruciating that it hurt to use the bathroom.

So I just sat there in the office ladies room – sometimes for up to an hour – just waiting for the pain to go away. Do you know how embarrassing that is??

Then, there were the irregular periods. At first, when I was younger, I didn’t mind missing a period once in a while…

But after a while, they started coming at unexpected times. (Always the WORST times.) And as I got older, a frightening thought hit me…

Would my cysts prevent me from having kids one day?

And more importantly…

Why was this happening to me?
"Thank goodness I found your site!"

“Amanda, had I not found your website 1 week earlier, I would have gone through with a very dangerous surgery!

I had ovarian cysts for over 7 years… and I was saving surgery as a LAST RESORT. Well, let me just say… thank goodness I found your site – because for the first time since 2002, my cysts are completely gone!

My doctor once told me I might never get rid of my cysts because of the way my body is. What??? Meanwhile, your simple little 3 steps cured all the symptoms within 1 day!

I owe you a HUGE thanks!”

Kendra N.
Redmond, WA

I became desperate to find a solution to my painful problem – so desperate that I tried everything …

I swallowed Tylenol and aspirin like candy.

I attached a heating pad to my stomach every night.

I tried “watchful waiting” (what a waste!)

I bought expensive birth control pills to regulate my cycles (when I wasn’t even sexually active!)

I gave up coffee, wines and all my favorite foods!

But no matter what I tried
absolutely nothing worked…

It was a nightmare!

But here’s the thing. After 10 years, it wasn’t just the pain that was killing me. It was the anxiety of having to live with this problem forever.

It drove me CRAZY that there was nothing I could do!

Why wasn’t my doctor helping me?!

Some weeks were worse than ever. I actually lost sleep thinking about my problem sometimes. Then, I’d snap at my coworkers for the littlest things. I was NOT pleasant to be around, but can you blame me?

There was nothing I could do!

Day after day, I went through the same vicious cycle…

In the day: pain, discomfort, bloating.

At night: grief, anxiety and frustration.

That's when things got even worse…

My period came when I least expected it

I was 26 at the time, and I was on a first date with this guy Chris. My cycle had gotten so irregular that I never saw it coming.

I liked Chris a lot (a LOT!) and the date had been going perfect! He had flowers when he picked me up… we went out to dinner… then to the movie theater.

I had a few cramps as the movie started, but nothing crazy. I just figured it was my cysts acting up (as they had off-and-on for several years already.)

Then, in the middle of the movie, I realized something wasn’t right.

I told Chris I had to use the bathroom… and I stumbled through the dark movie theater, tripping over people, knocking over bags of popcorn.

I felt like an idiot.

I rushed into the ladies room and my fears were confirmed… My period had started unexpectedly. And it was so heavy, it had already stained my jeans right through to the other side. Even worse, I did NOT have any pads or tampons on me!

I was forced to use one of those crappy coin-operated machines… which was fine, but there was no way I could hide the stain in my jeans.

I sat there in the ladies bathroom, completely humiliated and helpless.

Finally, I decided all I could do was stumble back into the theater and tell my date I wasn’t feeling well and had to go home. Sadly, that’s exactly how the night ended.

But the nightmare didn't end there…

Because just a few weeks later came:

The day I will never forget…

As bad as that night was, nothing comes close to the day I met with my doctor just 2 years ago about my ovarian cysts (for the umpteenth time!)

I was 30 at the time.

By then, I had tried nearly every “solution” my doctor had given me.

The medicines… the watchful waiting… the diets… everything had failed.

My doctor had suggested it a few times before, but suddenly she got more persistent about getting surgery.

“I know you’re not comfortable with the idea,” she said, “but it may be time to start thinking seriously about a procedure.”

I admit, I liked the idea of never living with this problem again. But I wasn’t ready for an operation.

“Isn’t there anything else you can do?”

And that’s when she turned to me and told me what I’d been afraid to hear for years.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “But if we don’t get rid of the problem now, it’s only going to cause complications later on if you want to have children.”

The pain I felt when my doctor told me
I might NEVER be able to have kids…

I was crushed.

It was more excruciating than ANY of the painful symptoms of my ovarian cysts.

Even just the idea of NEVER being able to have a child was devastating to me.

My doctor explained to me that ovarian cysts can cause a lot of problems during pregnancy, especially if the cysts become cancerous.

And if I DID become pregnant, she said that surgery would then be very dangerous for the child.

I hated every bit of this.

Call me dramatic, call me whatever you want… but this was absolutely the worst moment of my life.

It’s one thing to live with a pain in your abdomen…

But to find out that your entire future… your dreams of having a family… may be completely ruined because of some stupid problem you can’t control, it’s something no woman EVER wants to hear in her life.

That’s when I decided I’d had enough.

The following week, I finally decided to take my fate into my own hands. The painkillers weren’t working. My dreams of having a family were crushed. And my doctor didn’t seem to have a clue!

So, that’s when I decided I would become my own expert about ovarian cysts and seek out a real solution.

For the next 6 months, I spent hundreds of hours going through every single book that contained information on ovarian cysts.

Books, magazines, medical journals… If it was related to ovarian cysts, I studied it like my life depended on it. (To me, it did.)

During this time I learned more than you could ever imagine (or WANT to know) about ovarian cysts… why they happen… everything.

And sure enough, it was during this time that I made some shocking discoveries.

In fact…

I found the #1 reason why nearly all
traditional remedies flat-out don't work!

When I was doing my research, I thought long and hard about why all the treatments recommended by the doctor had failed.

I thought back to all the expensive pain relievers and hormonal contraceptives I’d bought – all of which only provided temporary relief of the symptons.

The pain always returned, and I always went back to CVS for more products… and the doctor for more advice.

Then, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

The most common treatments do nothing to fight the root cause of ovarian cysts! They merely try to "patch-up" The Problem and Reduce The Severity!
"The pain was gone by the next day!"

“Hey Amanda,

Just wanted to say that there's something amazing about the natural substances you recommended in your special report.

I’ve tried everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) to get rid of my cysts, but after I did what you said, I am stunned

The pain was gone by the next day… and I haven’t had any symptoms since!

Thank you so much!”

Steph Cottman
Los Angeles, CA

Look, here’s the truth about ovarian cysts…

If you've been getting cysts for any length of time, then you probably already know that it’s the result of complications with your egg release during ovulation.

Usually, either the ovaries fail to release the egg or the sac that covers the egg doesn’t dissolve after it’s released – and that’s what forms the cyst.

The kicker is: this is a completely normal, natural process for millions of women!!

It’s not some strange “disease.” It’s just a slight hiccup in the cycle.

But guess what?

All those expensive contraceptives and pain relievers do NOTHING to permanently prevent the cysts from forming.

They only address the painful symptoms – which is a nice temporary fix (when it actually works) – but if you don’t CURE the ovarian cysts (by fixing what causes the cysts in the first place), you’re going to keep buying those useless pain relievers forever!

And the “watchful waiting?” That only translates into MORE doctors visits!

You see, what it really boils down to is the fact that …

You and I Have Been Lied To…

Please listen carefully… I love my doctor, God bless her. But whether or not you and I like to admit it, the drug industry is out to make money.

And while your health is important to those giant medical corporations, they hope and pray that you will never discover this information.

What's more, they do everything in their power to make sure information like this never sees the light of day!

They'd rather keep selling you and me “solutions” that deliver severely lacking results… if any… so that we have no choice but to keep shelling out more cash!

The truth is: here's a whole world of little known, all-natural remedies out there.

Many of which have been proven to cure many of today's most pressing ailments…

You just never hear about them.


Because if people knew about these things… the drug industry would lose BILLIONS of dollars.

It's a horrible fact, but true: It's not in the best interest of these companies (and even the doctors themselves) to tell you about an alternative natural approach. Especially one that actually works so amazingly well.

You see, during my research I made a shocking discovery…

This Shocking 3-Step Cure Has Been Used Successfully For Centuries!
"The Symptoms Have Stopped Completely!"

"Amanda, your system has worked WONDERS for me!

I’ve been getting ovarian cysts off and on for over 5 years. When my doctor told me that my body is simply more prone to developing cysts than other women, I almost gave up looking for a solution.

Then, I found your website, and thank goodness I did…

The symptoms have stopped completely!

I can't thank you enough for putting this info online!”

Jess Schultz
Bangor, ME

Turns out, even Hippocrates – the grandfather of modern day medicine – was using similar all-natural remedies to treat ovarian cysts and other menstruation irregularities back in 400 B.C.!

Think about it: if cysts could be prevented from occurring in women 2,500 years ago, why can’t our doctors find a permanent solution today?!

OK, I have to admit…

When I first read about a few of these “old-fashioned” techniques, I was very skeptical.

But when I put them into action, I was blown away by how great the results were.

It all made sense, because each of the 3 steps involved were specifically designed to eliminate the pain, fight the underlying cause, and prevent the cysts from coming back… ever again!

And since they’re all-natural, there are NO prescriptions to take. NO birth control to buy. NO drugs with unpronounceable names or side effects.

After applying this 3-step approach:
  • My ovarian cysts were gone completely in just 12 hours!
  • The pain went away within minutes!
  • My periods are now back on the normal cycle.
  • I no longer felt bloated or achy.
  • All my anxiety about my problem is finally gone!
  • The ovarian cysts have never come back (and it’s been 2 years!)
  • I haven’t spent another PENNY on birth control or other ovarian cyst “solutions"!

Best of all!!!

I Finally Got My Life Back!!
"No pain, no bloating, NOTHING for over 5 months now!"

“I admit… I was another skeptic, but after nothing else had helped my OC problem, I had nothing to lose by trying your system.

Let me just say… I could NOT believe that I was feeling like completely fine after only 2 days! I was worried the cramping would return, so I waited… and waited… but there has been no pain, no bloating, NOTHING for over 5 months now!

Ovarian cysts sufferers… Don’t waste time with any of that crap from the pharmacy – this is the one true remedy that actually works!”

Christine M.
Franklin, TN

There really are no words for the amount of relief I now feel.

My ovarian cysts had put a damper on my whole life through pain, anxiety, and even loss of sleep.

Now, I can live life again like a normal adult without stressing about when I’m going to get my period or how bad the cramps are going to be.

And you know what else?

Remember that guy Chris I went on a date with when I was 26? (Remember, the movie theater disaster?)… We have now been happily married for over 2 years!

And, ready for some big news?

I’m now 6 months pregnant with a
healthy baby girl on the way!

My husband and I are SO excited!

After I used the 3-step remedy, my doctor couldn’t believe that her tests showed NO sign of cysts whatsoever.

She monitored it for a year, until finally she said I had nothing to worry about… I could have kids without any worry about complications.

I cannot describe how relieved I was to hear those words!

Only a year earlier, I was told I might never be able to have kids unless I went through with surgery.

Now, I’m healthier than I’ve been in 10 years, and I never had to get ANY procedure!

Okay, now I'm sure you have a lot of questions about the 3-step all-natural cure I've been talking about…

So to clear things up…

Here's what this program is NOT:
  • It’s not another drug or hormone supplement.
  • It’s not a birth control pill or contraceptive.
  • There is absolutely no medical treatment involved.
  • It’s not some Hocus Pocus, B*S* herbal remedy!

Instead, this is an easy 3-step system that can be put into action in just seconds.

And it’s 100% PROVEN to immediately relieve the pain, eliminate the cysts – and prevent them from EVER coming back!

I can’t stress this enough…

If you’re suffering from ovarian cysts… this is the REAL remedy you’ve been looking for – and the best part is, you can use it right now, in your home!

It worked for me, plus dozens of other women I’ve talked to – and I know it’ll work for you too!


End Ovarian Cysts!
Easy 3-step, all-naturak solution


"End Ovarian Cysts" reveals the only all-natural, proven, 3-step system that is 100% guaranteed to permanently eliminate your ovarian cysts by fighting the problem at its root!

If you can follow 3 simple steps, then you can permanently stop your ovarian cyst problems, guaranteed… or your money back!

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"No symptoms in over 9 months!"

"Hi Amanda,

Just wanted to say… thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

My husband Eric found your site last year and now I want to scream at my doctor! Your method is so simple and it works like nothing else.

I used to have a very unpredictable periods and excruciating bouts of pain from my cysts. Since taking your advice I have had NO symptoms in over 9 months!

It's absolutely incredible. Not having to worry about this problem ever again is absolutely priceless!"

Lola Y.
Columbus, OH

There’s NO reason to suffer anymore
let me help you reclaim your life!
Just Imagine...
  • Complete freedom from the pain and discomfort!
  • No more unpredictable periods.
  • Being able to enjoy intimacy with your partner again – without worrying about pain!
  • Having the exact information you need to ELIMINATE your ovarian cysts at the root of the problem, instead of just masking the symptoms.
  • Money in YOUR pocket instead of paying for visits to the doctor or expensive treatments.
  • No more worries about difficulty using the bathroom.
  • Total relief from bloating and abnormal weight gain.
  • More confidence and self-esteem that comes with great health – you can finally get back to your normal, happy self!
  • Escape from pain relievers and useless “watchful waiting!”

Ladies, please listen carefully now…

"End Ovarian Cysts” is a 3-step system that will get rid of your ovarian cysts problems exactly how you’ve always wanted: permanently!

I know this because it worked for me – and for dozens of girls of all ages who have already used this same system!

It’s 100% guaranteed - or your money back…

I know that sounds crazy… but that's how much confidence I have in this approach.

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  • Surgery (Laparotomy) - $8,000+

Total: $13,902.83+….


"Enf Ovarian Cysts"

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60-day cash back guarantee

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With Love,
Amanda Clark
Author of "End Ovarian Cysts"

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PPS – Please… don’t give up on yourself. You don’t HAVE to live with this! You can easily get started on step 1 of my system right now and stop the symptoms in as little as 10 minutes!

"This annoying problem no longer controls my life!"

Gotta admit, Amanda… I had low expectations since NOTHING else had ever worked. So imagine my amazement when after only ONE day of using your simple 3-step system, my symptoms were gone!

This annoying problem no longer controls my life. Thanks to your report, I can go about my day without ever having to worry about pain or bloating. I am so grateful you have posted this cure online. Thank you!

Jan Leonard
Chicago, IL

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